Mung Beans (vigna radiata)

  • Health and hygiene certifications of the country of origin.
  • Standard sanitation operating procedures are followed.
  • Best price and quality in the international market.
  • Hazard analysis and critical control issues, best manufacturing practices (GMP).

NOTE: We also sell beans with non-prime characteristics


  • Power food: protid, starch, fat and fiber, vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin C, precursor vitamin K, and minerals including Ca, Mga. , K, Na, Zn, iron.
  • Long periods of durability while in storage.
  • Detailed requirements in technical sheets.


Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek

Color: green.
Odor and taste: typical of the product.
Humidity: 9.0%
Impurities: 0.90%
Broken beans (splits): 1%
Stained beans: 2.5%
Wrinkled beans: 0.40%
Opaque beans: 0.40%
Live or dead insects: Neg.
Foreign matters: Neg.
Size: 72% – 3.5mm
✓ To produce our beans, we use components that allows them to maintain
their natural and healthy properties.
✓ Production: organic.
✓ Packaging: As per contractual agreement.
✓ Our main business is high quality beans; however, we count with lower
quality beans that we can sell according to your requirements.
✓ Samples can be sent at your earliest convenience.


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